The ultimate guide of outbound prospecting

The Ultimate Guide of Outbound Prospecting

At Crono we have the vision to become the one tool that turns anyone into a prospecting A-player and to do so we have created the best prospecting tool out there.

Now we want to go the extra mile and share with you our “Ultimate Guide of Outbound Prospecting”. This guide collects the best practices and tools any Sales Representative needs to create an effective outbound strategy and build a strong pipeline.

We are now releasing the first section of the guide and will be releasing a new section every two weeks, announcing it with a dedicated post on our Blog.

Today’s section is about identifying ICP and Buyer Personas, the very first step of a well-structured outbound prospecting process. We will guide you through all the steps required to define your ICP and design your Buyer Personas. Moreover we have listed for you the best tools to use for these processes. 

What are you waiting for? Fill the form below and download the guide!

Happy hunting!

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