The Prospecting Masterclass. Ep.1

Today we launch our new column “The Prospecting Masterclass“, a weekly issue that will involve all the best international “Sales Gurus” working in outbound sales in the B2B market. If you’re in sales or lead generation, this is a column you won’t want to miss!

Our goal with this column is to provide our readers with the knowledge and skills they need to become top performers in their respective industries. We recognize that prospecting is the backbone of any successful sales operation, and we want to ensure that our readers have the tools and techniques they need to succeed in this critical area. 

We are confident that our column will become a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their outbound sales performance.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we explore the world of outbound sales and learn from some of the best in the business. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest issue of “The Prospecting Masterclass” delivered directly to your inbox every week. We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you.

Let’s start today with a true Guru of the sector, Matteo Papaluca, Fractional VP of Sales, who has worked for companies like Linkedin, Ryanair, Buddyfit, ShippyPro and many more.

Here is the interview with Matteo Papaluca, enjoy reading!

1) Hi Matteo, can you tell us about yourself and your experience in B2B Sales?

My name is Matteo and I spent the last decade building multiple sales teams of up to 20 people and €10M ARR

I’ve lived in Ireland and Italy and worked with companies like Linkedin, Ryanair, Buddyfit, ShippyPro and more. 

Then in 2023, I walked away from the full-time corporate world to become a Fractional VP of Sales. I help companies build and scale their sales teams. As-a-Service.

2) How would you describe yourself if you could only use 5 words?

A compassionate sales leader. (4 words).

3) What are the most difficult challenges you have faced regarding Prospecting and Outbound Sales in your past and current professional experiences? How did you solve them?

Outbound is tough. 

Right now with the multiple challenges companies are facing it is even harder. 

Companies are working with shrinking budgets and Decision Makers have a little attention span. You have to be relevant and do the activities level you are required to.

I have always focused my teams on the 2 thing: 

  • High level of activities
  • High level of personalisation at scale

Touch at least 10 new companies per day and do it with a system that helps. you focus on the quality level of outreaches.

4) How do you see B2B outbound sales changing in the next 12 months? What challenges and trends do you anticipate?

Personalisation at scale. It’s something people have talked about a lot but the current business landscape requires a new approach

The world of massive non-personalised emails and calls it’s over. Aim for personalisation but at scale, ICP sequences, and target list defined and curated. 

Preparation of your campaigns is key. Own the preparation, and avoid hitting not relevant companies and ICPs.

5) What advice would you give to someone starting today as an SDR?

Learn a lot about what’s working out there. Stay up to date with trends and insights into the industries you are trying to sell on. 

Be relevant and try to really focus on your prospecting efforts. 

Hit your KPIs but try to be strategic and before sending think if you were on the other side, would you reply to your email? 

Also, have resilience, you are going to get many NOs but it’s normal. Your role is crucial and it is at the storefront of the company so you get the good and the bad.

Don’t take it personally.

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