Save hours of boring CRM data entry

Crono Bolt make you save time by adding information into your CRM with only one click from LinkedIn. Join our waiting list now and get 1 month for free.

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How does it work?

Add leads or companies from LinkedIn into your CRM

Crono Lead collects all the profile information for you, so you can create new prospects in second with just one click

Use templates to speed up your communications

You can create and use multilingual templates directly within LinkedIn Messages to simplify your communications and improve your results

Send invitations with multilingual preconfigured notes

Crono Lead allows you to build invitation notes templates in different languages and use them while sending out invitations

The price?
Starting from 9,95 €/month

Benefits with Crono Bolt

6 h

saved time per week

50 %

more pipeline


Prospects added so far


free credits for email finder

100 %

happier reps

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