Dynamic prospecting: a new era for outbound sales

Let’s start with a consideration that we all know well, but that nobody would like to admit to safeguard their work: static sequences are dead.

What is an outbound static sequence?

Let’s take a step back. What is an outbound static sequence? It is a series of emails, LinkedIn messages, etc. you send to cold prospects at the top of your funnel in order to qualify them as leads or get them to convert to the next step of your sales cycle. Anyone of us has been part of it at least once.

An effective sequence typically has a minimum of 4 or 5 actions referred to as steps. Based on the cadence of your sequence, a prospect will continue receiving your automated follow-ups until 1 of 3 things happen:

1. The prospect responds to your email, LinkedIn messages, etc.
2. The prospect completes your sequence
3. The prospect asks not to be contacted anymore

Sequences can include, in addition to emails and LinkedIn messages, calls, LinkedIn Inmails and today even WhatsApp messages.

This type of sequence has brought great results over the years and has become an international standard. Companies started creating hundreds or sometimes thousands of sequences for all types of targets and industries. The automatisms guaranteed easy work and good results.

So why are static sequences dead? Well, exactly because ALL companies started to use them. The messages are always the same and each of us, especially C-Levels, receives dozens and dozens of emails, LinkedIn messages and cold calls every day.

The results eventually dropped and people started panicking at the cry: “outbound doesn’t work”. 

The truth is another one and the results speak for themselves. Outbound leads are more cost-effective and convert to higher opportunities than inbound ones. Just use outbound properly!

Let’s take an example: Industry best practices say that to perform at their best, sequences should be reviewed once every 6 months. But are we sure this is an acceptable time frame? And are we sure that companies with 1000, 2000, 10000 sequences can review them all every 6 months? And moreover, what is the business impact of this in terms of time and resources spent?

Could a sequence created in February 2022, before the start of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, work in the same way in March 2022? If a prospect we are working on receives a promotion or his startup receives a millionaire round, is it correct to keep using the same sequence?

We don’t think there is really a need to answer these questions, the answers are obvious.

So what can we do?



2022: The birth of dynamic prospecting

Working as BDRs and Sales Reps for many years and speaking with hundreds of colleagues in the sector, we have understood that as today’s market is not static, neither can be the outbound sequences. We created Dynamic Prospecting.

Dynamic Prospecting differs from current processes as the prospect is not inserted within a predefined static sequence, but withing a cycle of dynamic activities that continuously change from prospect to prospect, from situation to situation.

How is this all possible? Well, because of 2 things: data and AI.

With Dynamic Prospecting, by analyzing situations and data concerning a prospect, the correct message will be sent, on the right channel, at the perfect moment.

The work of a BDR becomes more efficient and less repetitive, new opportunities increase (from the first data of our customers, we have calculated an average + 35% compared to the standard tools) and the sales objectives are reached sooner.

Crono is a UK based startup born with this vision. Thanks to the concepts of Dynamic Prospecting and the power of artificial intelligence, Crono is the first co-pilot for BDR in the world.

With an extremely simple and easy-to-learn interface, Crono can lead any company operating in the B2B market to use 100% of its potential in outbound sales in just a few weeks.

Are you curious to see Dynamic Prospecting in action? GET A DEMO!


Static sequences are dead, long live Dynamic Prospecting.



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