Shaping B2B Sales future: trends & challenges

Hi Croners, are you ready for an incredible learning experience? When we started thinking about this column months ago, we were thinking of content exactly like this: a Sales Guru with a global vision of the topic who could convey all his experience in just 5 answers.   And Massimiliano Böhm, with this interview, did exactly that. […]

Discipline and ethics in Sales

We didn’t release any episodes of “The Prospecting Masterclass” last week, we know that. But we have a good reason (we swear!). With Crono we officially joined the Startup Wise Guys family and last week we all flew to Bilbao together! What a great feeling to be part of one of the best European startup accelerators!! But let’s get […]

Aiming perfection in B2B Sales techniques

And finally, we have reached episode number 10 of “The Prospecting Masterclass“. Ok, it might seem like a small goal, but when we thought for the first time about this project, this was exactly our first milestone (and the main doubt about the project): could we have the consistency to publish an episode every week while […]

The Prospecting Masterclass. Ep.6

Hi Croners! Time flies when you are having fun and and so we have reached the sixth episode in our column “The Prospecting Masterclass“. Seems like yesterday when we released the first one. Today is here with us Algirdas Snioka, Co-Owner & Sales Project Manager @ Okredo! Algirdas is an incredible “Human Oriented” Sales and […]

The Prospecting Masterclass. Ep.5

Hi Croners, are you ready for the fifth episode of our column “The Prospecting Masterclass“? Great, us too!! Ladies and gentlemen, today is here with us Elad Gilo, CEO & Co-Founder @ Reach! Elad’s answers should simply be taken, printed, framed and hung in the office of every SDR in the world. What an incredible vision. Maybe it’s […]

The Prospecting Masterclass. Ep.4

Hi Croners, for the fourth episode of our column “The Prospecting Masterclass” we have with us the rising star of the Italian B2B sales market.  Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Saruggia, B2B Growth Partner @ 10XPIPE! Micheal is an expert in Sales Processes and Strategy. As a fractional sales strategist, he helps startups and companies achieve their goals every […]

The Prospecting Masterclass. Ep.3

Hi Croners, for the third episode of our column “The Prospecting Masterclass” we have with us the first woman interviewed in this blog (and hopefully not the last!): Chiara Aluigi, International Sales Executive of Mooncard.  Chiara is definitely one of the best talents of her generation at an international level. The thing that most immediately impressed us is […]

The Prospecting Masterclass. Ep.2

Hi Croners, we are excited to announce the release of the second episode of our column, “The Prospecting Masterclass“. Our guest today is Bill Ortiz, B2B SaaS Sales at Mailshake. Bill is definitively one of the best Sales in the international B2B SaaS market. In our opinion, his secret is a shocking amount of enthusiasm. Making a […]

The Prospecting Masterclass. Ep.1

Today we launch our new column “The Prospecting Masterclass“, a weekly issue that will involve all the best international “Sales Gurus” working in outbound sales in the B2B market. If you’re in sales or lead generation, this is a column you won’t want to miss! Our goal with this column is to provide our readers […]