The SaaS Revolution starts with a PLS strategy

Every Revolution starts with a spark: todays SaaS startups don’t have to choose any longer between Product-Led-Growth and Sales-Led-Growth as a new revolutionary strategy comes into play. Crono, together with HEU Legal, is presenting to you a unique guide to unfold the Product-Led-Sales model and its disruptive application in startups. Go ahead and prepare yourselves […]

Building a Startup: A good network is key

Building a startup from an idea can be an exciting adventure that tests resilience, passion, and commitment. It’s about creating something entirely new and adopting the right mindset to turn it into a successful reality. With “Becoming Crono” we’ll revisit our starting point through an honest and captivating memoir written by our CTO, Marco Maddiona. Each […]

How to sell like a PRO in B2B

Hi Croners, welcome to another episode of “The Prospecting Masterclass“, the n.15!!! You know, in the dynamic world of B2B sales, where success requires adaptability and finesse, there are a few exceptional individuals who stand out as true masters of the craft. And yes, today we have with us one of these person.  Ladies and […]

Crono Customer Story – WeRoad

Hey Croners! Buckle up, because today we’re about to unleash some serious awesomeness! We are beyond excited to bring you our first Crono Customer Story, and to do so, we engaged one of our very first Crono customers, Natalia Ubiali, the rockstar of WeRoad‘s Sales Account Team. WeRoad needs no introduction: they are simply the coolest travel company on […]

Outbound sales. From Zero to the Moon Vol.1

A simple question: what does Outbound Sales have to do with the Kiss (yes, the rock band)? Don’t know the answer? Ok, so fasten your seat belts. Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey, our fellow rockstar sales enthusiasts? We have here for you the ultimate guide that will skyrocket your outbound sales game […]

Balancing quantity and quality in Outreach activities

Hi Croners, welcome to another episode of “The Prospecting Masterclass“! As you know, in this column every week we dive deep into the world of B2B sales, uncovering valuable insights and strategies from industry experts.  Today, we have the privilege of sitting down with Giovanni Desiderio, a professional in B2B sales and a Senior Account Executive […]

Build relationships and boost your sales

Hi Croners, welcome back to a new episode of “The Prospecting Masterclass“! Today, we have with us Alan Ruchtein, a Senior Account Executive at Insider. Alan’s expertise shines through in his interview, with over 7 years of experience in the B2B sales industry. The depth of his insights in just 5 answers demonstrates his comprehensive understanding of the […]

Shaping B2B Sales future: trends & challenges

Hi Croners, are you ready for an incredible learning experience? When we started thinking about this column months ago, we were thinking of content exactly like this: a Sales Guru with a global vision of the topic who could convey all his experience in just 5 answers.   And Massimiliano Böhm, with this interview, did exactly that. […]

Discipline and ethics in Sales

We didn’t release any episodes of “The Prospecting Masterclass” last week, we know that. But we have a good reason (we swear!). With Crono we officially joined the Startup Wise Guys family and last week we all flew to Bilbao together! What a great feeling to be part of one of the best European startup accelerators!! But let’s get […]

Aiming perfection in B2B Sales techniques

And finally, we have reached episode number 10 of “The Prospecting Masterclass“. Ok, it might seem like a small goal, but when we thought for the first time about this project, this was exactly our first milestone (and the main doubt about the project): could we have the consistency to publish an episode every week while […]