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close more.

The Sales Outbound Platform for today’s sales teams. Change your sales game with Crono!

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Why Crono?

Designed for today’s sales teams to build pipeline and close more deals.

>> Focus your time on the right tasks, automate the rest!

Did you know that today only 30% of salespeople’s time is spent on revenue-generating activities? Imagine investing 75% of your time in activities that fuel your sales.

Come on, don’t just dream of success, seize it!

>> Let data drive you, make sure to be always one step ahead

Track all interactions into insightful analytics to monitor your performances and adapt your strategy faster.

Empower your data to create rule-based and actionable suggestions that drive better results. 

>> A design so intuitive that you’ll never want to stop selling

Crono is designed to be easy, always. Forever. The ease of use of your daily tools into your sales platform. Say goodbye to the complexity of legacy solutions. 

Crono is your ticket to victory in today’s sales!


The end-to-end platform to turn leads into deals

Find all your relevant prospects, enrich their data with a multi-provider waterfall approach, create performing multichannel strategies, close your deals faster and track everything on  advanced analytics.


Built for Sales

A platform designed and engineered for only one thing:
to empower today’s teams to sell more.
Every detail is positioned exactly where you’d expect to find it. Crono’s design will make you win, in an easy way. 


Seamlessly integrated with all your daily tools

No more time wasted scrolling or closing hundreds of tabs: Crono’s integrations will get you the combined power of your tools and CRMs into one platform.

Imagine how smooth your workflow would be if you had everything you need on one screen.


Ready to boost your sales?

At Crono, we firmly believe that everyone can be a sales champion, or even a legend.
That’s why we offer a range of pricing options that cover all needs, from early-stage startups to unicorns.
Discover our pricing plans and choose the one that perfectly aligns with your business needs!

Our Customers' Success Stories

Our Customers' Success Stories

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Try now or cry later!

No more excuses to missing targets.
Change your sales game today with Crono!

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