Smarter actions, more pipeline.

Crono is the AI-driven sales engagement platform to supercharge your outbound prospecting. Change your sales game with Crono!

Trusted by +50 fast growing companies

Why Crono?

Build a strong pipeline of qualified leads, easier and faster

Maximise the time you focus on revenue-generating activities

Did you know that today only 30% of salespeople’s time is spent on revenue-generating activities? Imagine investing 75% of your time in activities that fuel your sales. Come on, don’t just dream of success, seize it!

Work smarter, not harder! Leverage data to drive your conversion

Unleash the power of your outbound sales and watch your pipeline explode by a jaw-dropping 50%! With Crono, you’ll be swimming in a sea of hot prospects, ready to convert into sales gold. Are you ready?

Dominate Your Prospecting Game in the easiest way ever

Crono is designed to be simple. Forever. The ease of use of the B2C world infused in the B2B market. Say goodbye to the complexity of the legacy tools. Crono is your ticket to victory in the business arena!


Only one AI-driven tool for all your tasks

Design your multichannel strategies and perform all your daily activities in only one integrated tool. Learn and be guided by the suggestions of our AI and monitor your performance through internal reports and analytics.

Designed for Sales

A platform designed and engineered for only one thing: to supercharge your outbound sales. Every detail is positioned exactly where you’d want to find it. Everything is designed to make your prospecting activities easier, smarter and faster.

Seamless integrations with CRM, LinkedIn and mail

Native real-time integrations with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Gmail, Outlook, AirCall and LinkedIn allow companies to store and not lose any information. Do all your activities  without the concern of tracking every single task. Let Crono handle it all for you.


Ready to boost your pipeline?

At Crono, we firmly believe in only one principle: everyone, to grow, should be a sales champion. Yes, everyone. That’s why we offer a range of pricing options that cover all needs, from early-stage starutups to unicorns. Discover our pricing plans and choose the one that perfectly aligns with your business needs!

Customer Stories

Crono completely changed my daily work! Super easy to use, fast and it improved my productivity.”

Natalia Ubiali
Sales Account, WeRoad


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