Smarter actions, more pipeline.

Crono is the AI platform for sales team to generate more pipeline. Boost your pipeline with Crono.

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Why Crono?

AI suggests the right actions to help you create more pipeline

Crono connects to your CRM (HubSpot, Salesforce) and uses data and AI to identify the best prospects to target and the right channels to use to maximise your conversion rate and help you book more meetings in less time.

Maximise the time spent on revenue generating activities 

Crono is designed to reduce the number of clicks and have all the information in one window, so that you don’t waste time doing data-entry or searching for information. With Crono you can focus 100% on selling.

Easy-to-use platform to manage your end-to-end prospecting

Crono is super easy and you can manage your multichannel outreach entirely from one platform without wasting time to jump from one platform to another. From creating a lead to running your outbound strategy everything happens in Crono.


AI generated action plan

Find your daily action plan dynamically generated by Artificial Intelligence and do all the actions in Crono. You can perform more than 10 action types, from creating a new lead to sending a message, you will never have to leave the platform.

Designed to be easy

Crono has only one tab and brings the user experience and interface of your daily apps into a sales platform to reduce clicks and make sure your job is super easy and you don’t waste time with data entry.

Seamless integrations with CRM, LinkedIn and mail



Ready to boost your pipeline?

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About us

Built for Sales by Sales

We are Sales experts on a mission to make prospecting easy and improve the productivity of Sales Teams around the globe. We spent many hours in territory planning, action planning, research, data entry and we know how frustrating outbound prospecting is. This is why we built a tool that makes outbound prospecting easier and more profitable thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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