A tool specifically designed for all your outbound sales


Find new prospects and companies directly on the platform



Add contacts information, find email addresses and Update data with the extension



Create templates and icebreakers, build omnichannel sequences and track everything on your CRM



Learn and be guided by analytics, reports and the suggestions of Crono’s internal AI



Find new prospects and companies directly on the platform

Set the parameters of your Buyer Personas and find new companies and prospects to contact in just a few seconds.

Import all new contacts to your lists with one click, add tags and insert them directly into your sequences.

Finding new leads has never been easier.


Connect your CRM

Native real-time integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot and Pipedrive allow you to store and not lose any information.

Do all your activities  without the concern of tracking every single task. Let Crono handle it all for you.

You will always find on Crono all the contacts and companies you own on your CRM. All new prospects found through Crono will be immediately synchronized bidirectionally.

3 natively and bidirectionally integrated CRMs

Extension to add prospects directly from LinkedIn included

Built-in functionality to import multiple contacts in bulk


Find contacts information and email addresses

Search on Crono the email addresses of your prospects, the turnover of their company, the number of employees, the links to their LinkedIn profiles.

All the data found in Crono will be immediately synchronized in real time with your CRM.


Update data with Crono extension

Do you already have a contact in Crono or in your CRM but with old data? With the Crono extension, you will always be able to update your job position, company, etc. in just one click.

Thanks to Crono’s “tag” tool, you can also add custom tags to segment your database directly from the extension. Even on prospects already previously present in your database.

Unlimited use of the Crono extension

Free finder email credits included in every plans

Real-time synchronization with CRMs


Create templates and icebreakers with the power of AI

Create your templates for messages on all your channels (email, LinkedIn and contact requests) manually or with the support of Artificial Intelligence.

Use the power of AI to get icebreakers for each of your prospects based on their personality, job title and company.

Use them within all your sequences!


Build omnichannel sequences with AI

Set the parameters, your goals and create omnichannel sequences in seconds. Select the contacts to add and press start. 

Automate mailing or manage everything manually. With Crono you are free to design the perfect strategy for you.

Track everything on your CRM and check in real time what's happening through the Live Feed

All your actions (emails, LinkedIn, calls) will always be tracked both on Crono and on your CRM. You will always have the entire relationship with your prospects available.

Through the “Live Feed” tool you can know, in real time, if your prospects accept your friend requests, reply to a message, read an email. With Crono everything will always be under your control.


Benefits with Crono

+50 %

more pipeline

12 extra hours per week

for revenue generating activities


New prospects added so far from our Customers

From 10 to only 1 tool

for all your outbound activities


happier SDRs


View reports and analytics, and track your and your team's results

In Crono you can constantly consult Analytics structured by type of activity, period, user and always have all your results under control.

You will also have available Reports divided by channel and downloadable in CSV format.


Learn and be guided by the suggestions of Crono's internal AI

Crono’s AI constantly analyzes all the data within the platform for you and suggests the best actions to take outside of your sequences.

Add Prospects in companies you don’t have any on, follow up prospects you forgot to follow up on after a meeting, add email addresses where they are missing or correct them where they are wrong. Crono’s hints will no longer let you miss a goal!

“One tool to reach them all, one tool to locate them, one tool to bring them in, and in the cold emails bind them.” 

Cit. An SDR from Middle Earth 

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