Aircall integration with Crono: the future is calling

Aircall x Crono: the future is calling We’re presenting our newest integration with Aircall, allowing you to better incorporate calls in your strategies and execute them directly from the platform. The power of phone calls Calling is probably the most powerful technique for selling and moving prospects across the funnel, we’ve done our research on […]

The Power of Timing in Multichannel Strategies

The power of timing in multichannel outbound strategies A collective article written by +10 Sales Experts about the power of timing in sales, with a focus on calling and the best practices to master this technique. About the authors Eimri Bar — Co-founder at Bloom  Massimiliano (Max) Böhm — Fractional Sales Leader & Consultant, Former […]

Outbound Sales: from Zero to the Moon

Outbound Sales: from Zero to the Moon Mastering the art of Outbound Sales isn’t easy and, we’re not about to lie, you must study. But what if you could learn directly from the best minds in Sales, reading a guide that walks you through every step – from Zero to the Moon? Don’t miss this […]

Social Selling for B2B SaaS Startups

What is Social Selling? A Guide for Saas Startups Social media is now a key touchpoint in the selling and marketing landscape, way more than it was years ago. That’s why companies are integrating social selling into their strategies. Here’s how to do it. TL;DR ▪️ What’s Social Selling ▪️ How to do it in a […]

The SaaS Revolution starts with a PLS strategy

Every Revolution starts with a spark: todays SaaS startups don’t have to choose any longer between Product-Led-Growth and Sales-Led-Growth as a new revolutionary strategy comes into play. Crono, together with HEU Legal, is presenting to you a unique guide to unfold the Product-Led-Sales model and its disruptive application in startups. Go ahead and prepare yourselves […]