The 5 Best Prospecting Tips by Marco Rosmarini

Marco Rosmarini, COO & Co-Founder of Crono, a few months ago started writing a LinkedIn column called “Weekly Prospecting Tip“, to give advice to SDRs, Sales Reps, Startups and Companies on Prospecting in the B2B market.

In a very short time, this column has become a constant appointment for thousands of people, who read and re-share Marco’s posts every Thursday.

On this blog we have selected the 5 best “Weekly Prospecting Tips” for you. Here they are!

Here the 5 Best Prospecting Tips by Marco Rosmarini:

1) Give it time! Setting up a meeting should be the objective of a well-thought process and not the objective of every touchpoint.

  • First 1-2 touchpoints are meant to build trust and show you understand your prospects’ challenges
  • 1-2 touchpoints explain more how you solve a problem and the value of your solution
  • Final touchpoints are the most important ones to convert into a meeting

2) Cold emails are hard but not impossible! Here’s a few tips:

  • brevity wins, no one likes to read an essay
  • subject lines determines if your email will be read or not
  • relevancy helps you receive an answer
  • providing value will get you the meeting

3) Cold calling is coming back, so it’s time to pick up the phones!

Here’s my tip on cold calling: don’t enter the call thinking you are selling something, you’re not. You are helping out someone with a problem! Make them see that!

4) Outbound is getting harder and harder and relevance is now mandatory.

Relevance differs a lot from personalization because it’s connected to your product.

  • Personalization is: “Hi Marco, I saw you like tennis. What a match yesterday right?”

    This would catch my attention but it would not relate to my needs and I would not reply

  • Relevance is: “Hi Marco, being a COO in a growing start-up, it must be hard to juggle among several tasks. Do you think a task management tool could help you track your activities and progress?

    This speaks directly to my daily challenges and offers a solution.

See the difference? How relevant are your current outbound messages?

5) Don’t ever give up! Most times it takes several touchpoints (7/8) to set up a meeting. If you stop at 3/4 attempts then you are leaving 80% of potential opportunities on the table

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