The future of Outbound with Gerardo Teijeira, SDR Manager and Outbound Sales Expert

The Prospecting Masterclass ep. 18

Hey there Croners! We’re finally back with episode 18 of The Prospecting Masterclass, the original Crono column that gives you insights and tips right from the best minds in sales.

In this episode we’re very excited to introduce to you Gerardo Teijeira, SDR Manager but mostly a professional who’s truly into sales and outbound. His precious point of view on B2B sales is enriched by his ability to foresee trends, understanding dynamics in sales.

If you want to get a better perspective on the future of outbound, you can’t miss this one. 

Find his interview below. Thanks Gerardo!

Enjoy reading the interview!

1) Hi Gerardo! How would you describe yourself using 5 words?
A total outbound sales nerd.
2) Tell us a bit more about yourself and your experience in B2B Sales.
I have been doing outbound sales for the last 4-5 years. I have been in very different roles for very different companies: full cycle rep, BDR, SDR, SDR Manager. In all of them I had to bring on new clients.
In the beginning I didn’t know exactly what I had to do, I didn’t have a clear process and, of course, sales tools were not common, so everything was super manual.
Eventually, I grew, found great places to work, got used to leverage technology and learnt a lot about how to get someone’s attention.
3) What are the most difficult challenges you have faced regarding Prospecting and Outbound Sales in your past and current professional experiences? How did you overcome them?
I think 2023 has been a very particular year for B2B sales in general and outbound in particular. Not only did most sellers feel the impact of the uncertain economic situation, but also it’s harder than ever to get replies and people interested in your solution if you don’t know how to adapt to the new outbound reality.
The only way to overcome challenges is to be constantly testing new things and approaches, and learning about new trends in the space. Many markets are saturated so you really have to stand out and provide value beforehand in order to break through the noise.
4) What is the most remarkable lesson you've learnt as SDR?
Organization is key. Taking time to plan ahead and knowing exactly what you gotta do in a day, week, month or quarter to succeed is my #1 recommendation.
5) How do you see B2B outbound sales changing in the next 12 months? What challenges and trends do you anticipate?
I think that the outbound playbook that most companies follow is no longer valid. That playbook where all you had to do was finding hundreds of leads and plugging them into automated sequences without any segmentation and validation. And, again, most companies are still doing this in 2023 and asking themselves why they are not getting results or not understanding that they might be in SPAM. 
I think that outbound sales is moving into two different models, both are valid, both get results and both take time to master: one is the super-personalised and targeted outbound motions, where SDRs thoroughly research companies and prospects and they send a few super intentional emails a day. The second one is super technical and segmented volume-focused outreach. It basically means scrapping tons of data points and connecting them to create relevant and personalised emails at scale, setting up a whole new level of infrastructure in order to run it (talking about multiple domains, tools, automations and integrations). As I said, both are valid and get results.
6) What advice would you give to someone starting today in the B2B Sales industry?

 You should be constantly learning and experimenting. Dedicate time each day to learn and try new things. You won’t find silver bullets, but you’ll definitely find a lot of gold.

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